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Set a Playdate at The School of Losing Time


This page displays the ideas of playing activities you want to propose to the people who would like to join us in The School of Losing Time. After people will give feedback or post some testimony of their Playing in the SHARING OUTCOMES section of this site. Remember to think on the Homo Ludens Manifesto when posting an activity for re-owning TIME!


In order to Set a Playdate dear Homo Ludens, we kindly invite you to follow this format:


1. Give a name to the Playdate and share it on twitter, using #TSoLT



2. Describe the activity you propose and the place and date it would take place in

    ie: #TSoLT1 take a picture/drawing at night, of the sky or any luminous landscape. Share it with someone and ask to join dots to make a figure!


3. Share the outcome of your experience in the Sharing Outcome section of this page

#1. Light Constellations

Date: night time, any day

Dear Homo Ludens, take a picture or make a drawing  at night, of the sky or any luminous landscape. Share your drawing or pic with someone and ask them to join the dots to make a figure. Todether, give a name to this constellation.

Then, share your experience with all the other Homo Ludens!

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The school of Losing TIme  website and contents are under (CC) Creative Commons license.

Feel free  to share, copy, distribute, display, perform and remix!

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